Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life Update

Holy cow... has life been busy as of late or what?!?! Like I've mentioned about a thousand times before but my best friend got married.
She is gorgeous!
I can't believe she is married!
The fiancé and I
Other than that I have been addressing invitations for my own wedding, working, trying to work out, and going to classes.  

Life is busy...sometimes I wish I could just lay on a beach somewhere and sleep in the sun and drink fruity drinks all day.

Sigh...until that happens I will just continue to day dream.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sometimes life just isn't fair

So in my quick post the other day I mentioned how I had been extremely busy lately...what I failed to mention is that one of the reasons I had been so absent is because I was angry. Angry that sometimes, the kindest, most inspirational, good hearted individuals get taken from this Earth too soon.

Last Friday I was on the way to the lake to celebrate my in-laws anniversary when I got a text from my mom that read, "Anthony was killed in a car accident this afternoon". Anthony--the same Anthony who graduated a year above me in school. The Anthony that made me laugh with his silly antics during high school play practices. The Anthony, who our whole community loved because of his large heart and his uncanny ability to see the best in anyone. Anthony and I weren't friends, but we were acquaintances. We had many mutual friends and found ourselves in the same place throughout high school. I am thankful I was able to experience what a great person he was.

You see Anthony was 24 years old and had just completed his first year of teaching, where he was the FBLA advisor, and head basketball coach. He was bringing his boys basketball team back from a basketball camp when 15 miles from home a pick up crossed the center line and hit the school van head on. Anthony, the assistant coach, and pick up driver were killed, while all 9 students were transported to the hospital.

Life isn't fair. How could someone who had made such an impact in one year of teaching and had the skills and ambition to change the world be taken from us? It makes me so angry that there are people in this world who do drugs/drink, get in a car, drive, and are perfectly ok. They get away with testing the limits. People who do awful things like murder, cheat, and other horrendous crimes--but they are still here. And yet someone who wanted nothing more than to impact the lives of those around him is taken from us. Life just isn't fair.

This whole tragedy has been weighing on my heart lately. And today I woke up and felt an achenes in my heart-wanting to be home with those who I grew up with to say our final goodbyes. Life doesn't always make sense and it doesn't do any good to question it. I guess this event is a reminder to pick up the phone call those closest to me and remind them how much they mean to me. To hug them a little closer and always say I love you.

Don't take a moment of life for granted. And don't forget to live life to the fullest, and to always take the chance and not live in fear. Because you never know what will happen and you no longer have the chance.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I promise I haven't forgotten about this little old blog of mine...life has been crazy lately! My best friend is getting married Saturday so after that I will have some sort of a life back :)