Saturday, April 20, 2013

Balancing Act

Life has been so hectic lately, I feel like every time I look at the calendar I'm exclaiming how I can't believe it's already March, April, and now May! I feel like I am spending so much time trying to catch up so I can finally slow down that time is flying by without me. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but I am in the final stages of finishing my Masters degree and will *hopefully* graduate in December 2013. When I first started the program my official graduation date was May 2014, however I'm at a point in my life where school is the last of my list of priorities. You see I have been in school (nonstop) for the last 7 years. I took a full course load every semester and summer session offered and during my time at undergraduate I worked 3 different jobs to help pay for my schooling. When I graduated undergrad I accepted a full time position and started grad school full time 2 weeks after I graduated.

Since I moved my graduation date up by 5 months I've been doubling up on classes and it is finally catching up with me. I am currently finishing up a 'pre-assingment' that will end up being 120 pages in written response--and it is taking up all my time! I miss cooking supper, cleaning my house, playing with my puppy, and spending quality time with my husband.

Because I have been so busy I feel like I am missing out on the little things in life-the things that make life worth living. I've decided that I am going to make time for those little things...
- I am going to make time to cook supper with my husband
- I'll get up a little earlier to take Lola for a walk. And get up early on Saturday mornings to take her to the dog park
- I'll accept that invitations from friends to catch up and hang out and not feel guilty about not studying on a Saturday night
- I'll spend my lunch breaks reading the paper instead of reading homework assignments

I'm so close to being down, I just need to keep reminding myself that to keep sane the next 7 months I need to make time to enjoy life as well.  

How do you balance work/school and personal commitments? This is something I've always struggled with!!