Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updates got the best of me this past summer. Grad school, full time job, and planning a wedding take up a lot of time (Just in case you didn't know). Well I come back to you all as a MRS.!! (Still so weird!)
Kane and I were married August 11, 2012...and it was an absolutely, amazing, wonderful, perfect day! I hope to share more on this when I get my professional photos back :)

We spent a week in Estes Park and it was exactly the relaxing laid back trip we had in mind.

And in other unrelated news....our tiny family of two has grown and we adopted a new puppy Friday!
Her name is Lola! All I got to say is I feel sorry for our future children with the amount of photos Kane has been taking :)

I promise an update soon (and more frequently)!

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