Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to Nebraska, Wisconsin

Yesterday was a day Nebraska football fans had been waiting to arrive for 365 days. You see last year we played our first Big 10 conference game against Wisconsin. And they beat us. And their fans were really really mean to ours. Don't believe me? Check out Taylor 's (from the Daily Tay) post from Thursday about some of the unsportsman like behavior she witnessed. Yeah pretty unbelievable--and I heard it from every single person that I knew that traveled up there. So this year we had to show them exactly what the 'greatest fans in college football' act like. I mean they don't brand us that just because...

I went tailgating yesterday with friends and family and every Wisconsin football fan we saw we made sure to say, "Hi, Welcome to Nebraska! Hope you have a good day!" Why? Because that's what we do every single time we have an opponent, its just what Nebraska fans do. Anyways, long story short- we ended up winning 30-27 and Nebraska was pumped! We were down for most of the game and it turned out to be the 2nd largest comeback in school history! A few of the photos I took yesterday...

Ha, I only remembered my camera at one of the tailgates we were at :)
Today I have a full agenda-- grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, writing a paper, and getting a presentation ready for class on Tuesday! The joys of Sunday :)

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  1. I went to the game last year too, and they were awful! But the few nice ones we did encounter told us that we are the best away team they play because our fans are so wonderful!

    Yeterdays game was so great!