Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does that make me crazy ?!?!

I am linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for a fun little thing called Does That Make Me Crazy? I know there are plenty of things I do that I think are completely normal but others might think I am a little crazy when I do them. Kind of like....

- Does it make me crazy if ... sometimes when I don't feel like making supper I'll just eat a can of black olives or mashed potatoes.

- Does it make me crazy if ... In the shower I have a very strict routine= Shampoo hair, rinse, conditioner, wash face, rinse conditioner, wash body. And I never stray from this routine.

- Does it make me crazy if ... I like to sing in the car only if my windows are up.

- Does it make me crazy if ... I hardly ever blow dry my hair, I hate using a blow dryer.

- Does it make me crazy if ... I don't like to go to the movie theater if the movies require a lot of thinking (I'd much rather people watch)

- Does it make me crazy if ... I hate using public bathrooms. And I hate using public bathrooms when anyone else is in there.

- Does it make me crazy if ... I don't eat popcorn with my hands. I have specific 'popcorn' bowls that are really shallow so I can just eat it out of the bowl (Weird I know, my husband hates it)

- Does it make me crazy if ... I never order meat at a restaurant and would prefer not eating meat I didn't cook myself.

These don't make me too crazy, right ? Can't wait to read what everyone else has!


  1. Hi there! Cute blog! I would rather not watch a movie that makes you think either! Your watching the movie to relax and give your brain a break! -

  2. Your shower routine is the exact same as mine!! And public restrooms...gross!! I do not use them unless my bladder is about to burst!

  3. I won't sing in the car unless I am not stopped at a stop light, I always fear that people think I am talking to myself lol!

    Public restrooms freak me out and have been known to not pee till everyone has vacated it, I am getting better though.

  4. I love to sing in my car too, only if the windows are up. Also I hate public restrooms, gross!!

  5. I never use a hair dryer! Air dry all the way! Thanks for linking up!!!

  6. Just last night I had chips and dip because I didn't feel like cooking dinner! And the shower routine, same here. I feel like washing your body at the end does two things: let's extra water drip out of your hair and it means your bodiest is the cleanest since it was most recently washed? Crazy I know!


  7. I'm the same way about singing in the car.