Monday, April 23, 2012

Growing Up

Don’t you just hate being a grown up sometimes? Case in point…
Kane and I have always talked about getting a dog for the longest time, like before we ever considered moving in together/marriage. We’ve always wanted a dog to play, run with, and just cuddle.
Kane and I both had full beds before we moved in together. By ones self=not a big deal. With two people=huge deal. Kane likes to sleep in the middle=me freaking out because I hate anything touching me when I sleep. So we have talked about getting a queen sized bed for a year now.
Last night we find the cutest puppy ever (aka Lucy) to adopt from our local shelter. Kane makes plans to go check her out Thursday morning. Thursday morning I find a queen size mattress set on sale in our price range (ughh did I mention we are paying for law school, graduate school, and getting married=tight budget)!

Moral of the story…making grown up decisions stink! Like deciding you probably need the bed more than you want the dog.
On another 'grown up' note, I attended the wedding of my friend Mollie this weekend. Mollie and I lived across the hall from each other freshmen and  sophomore years of college, you could say she was the first friend I made after moving to Lincoln. That 'grown up' feeling hit me during her wedding Saturday, as she was exchanging vows with her husband and made me realize how much I've grown up the past five years!
Wow, time does fly.
Mollie and Dani 2007
Ryan (met him at New Student Orientation!), Mollie, and me at her wedding 2012

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