Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend has flown by for so many different reasons! First my mom came into town on Friday night and we spent all afternoon getting pedicures and shopping--its always nice to be able to relax like that. It seems like the only times I let myself do this is when my mom comes to town.

Saturday morning we woke up and the weather was acting so crazy-- I literally could not see across my street when I woke up because of all the fog. The weathermen had been warning all week that the Midwest would be hit hard with storms this weekend and I knew Saturday would be the day. Unfortunately, I had my first bridal shower Saturday afternoon and the closer it got to 2 p.m. the worse the weather got. It was so bad that the University of Nebraska cancelled it's spring game and sent 50,000 people home (football is a big deal here and this have never happened before!) A couple people weren't able to make my shower because of the weather, but for the most part it didn't stop us. I had such a fun times--it was one of those afternoons where you stop and look around and think how you ever got to be so blessed in life.
Jessica, Me, Desirae, Katrina--my beautiful bridesmaids
With the flowergirl
I am so lucky to have such strong, kind, and inspirational women in my life!!

Saturday night Kane and I just hung around and watched movies. We went to bed around 11:30, we got upstairs, and then 5 minutes later the tornado sirens started going off. We ended up in the basement for about 45 minutes, thankfully everything passed right over Lincoln. However, this morning I talked to my best friend (the blond in the photos) and a tornado went right through their property, taking out one of their small sheds. The house across the road from them was completely leveled...thankfully no one was hurt!

Today I spent the time organizing my closet and putting gifts away....exciting I know :) However, I do not believe my closet has ever been as clean as it is now!
Just one side--but trust me this is organized for me!
I am definitely not ready to start a new week--can't the weekend just be a little longer ??

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