Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Update

I can't believe another weekend had come and gone. The past week was so busy (just like all the others) that it flew by!

My little baby graduated from puppy training...
 Proud parents!
Lola did awesome and passed with flying colors!

We went and saw some basketball with my best friend and her husband.

Even though we lost, it was still a fun time! When I was in undergrad I never went to a basketball game (we are a football school after all) however, I went one other time when Nebraska played Kansas- the games are ok, but I much prefer Memorial Stadium to the Davaney Center any day!

And last but not least, went to Winter Fest! I always love trying new brews and there were so many this year! My favorite was by far an apple ginger beer---simply amazing! I'm still trying to find where they sell it in town so I can stock up.


  1. Did you go to the Illinois game? That was a horribly officiated game! I really like Coach Miles, though - should be an interesting next couple of years!

    Also, I love finding people that like good beer! Have you been to Zipline Brewing in Lincoln yet? They are only open on Fridays and Saturdays right now, but I think they do a pretty great job!

    Have you tried looking at The Still or N Street Liquor? I think N Street has a fantastic selection - maybe you'd find the apple ginger beer there?

    - Sara

  2. Yay for your little graduate! Love when they wear those hats ... Sherm tried to eat his I remember. :)